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Aloeric Primary School

The school is closed, except for children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils.


Remote learning

Children will continue to find activities for remote learning in their year group pages. We will also email out the remote learning resources and timetables weekly. Activities and videos will be uploaded onto Purple Mash and Tapestry. We will phone families weekly to have a chat with you and your children and offer support. 

 The children need to log on to Purple Mash and tapestry daily. Remote 'attendance' can be gained by monitoring how frequently the children log onto these platforms and the amount of learning submitted. Teachers will be able to offer feedback on learning and comment via blogs, telephone calls and video calls. Please click below to see our Remote learning offer.

 Aloeric Blended and Remote Learning Commitment Jan 2021 v 3.pdf

Remote devices

We are pleased to have sent home 35 laptops and devices to support children with remote learning. We have recently taken delivery of more laptops. If your child needs to loan a device please do phone the office or let your class teacher know and we can organise delivery or pick up.


Lunches during lockdown

If your child is eligible for means tested free school meals and they are not attending school due to the National Lockdown the school will provide vouchers. Our kitchens are still open and will provide hot lunches to FSM children  and children who continue to attend school in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

If your working situation has changed  and you are now receiving benefits, your child may qualify for Free school meals. You will have to apply - please visit for more information.


If you have a child at home in Reception or Key stage 1 who would normally book a hot school dinner when the school is open and you are current under financial strain, please phone the office to discuss how we might be able to help. Unfortunately, we cannot offer Universal free school meal children a monetary voucher but we may be able to support with a weekly food parcel supplied by our kitchen. This would include enough food to make 5 lunches for your child across the week and a breakfast parcel too!


If you need further help still, we are able to make referrals to Melksham food bank who would be able to help supply food to support the whole family. Do please ask.

Further organisational information for adults:

Please wear face masks when entering the school premises.

Please allow only one adult to drop off or pick up.

Please stick to your staggered drop off and pick up times.

Please do not send your child in if anyone in your household is displaying covid symptoms or is awaiting a test result.

Key stage 2 children may come to school in their PE kits on PE days.

Children will stay in their class bubbles and will not mix with other children in order to mitigate any risk.

Playtimes and lunchtimes are staggered and toilets/sinks designated.


Please see further support information below:

Information if your child tests positive for COVID-19


Social story for children preparing to return







Look after yourself and your family during lockdown.


Mental health resources

Please remember home schooling is not like being at school so do not put too much pressure upon yourselves should your child be at home during an isolation period or lockdown. Try to enjoy this unique time together and remember to look after each others' wellbeing. Get a routine in place, use the suggested timetables and break frequently . A huge amount of learning can take place by going for walks, playing games and eating meals with one another. Try to limit screen time and encourage talk. 


Useful resources:

Covid-19-advice-and-support-for-parents PDF.pdf   This is an excellent resource with lots of practical strategies and advice


Have a look at our Mental Health and Wellbeing pages. 


Oxford Health NHS Trust which runs local children’s mental health services, has launched a helpline for children and young people during the Coronavirus outbreak. The helpline is available 24/7 seven days a week. Details of the phone number are below


What time is it?

The number to phone:

9am – 5pm on a weekday

01865 903777

5pm – 9am on a weekday or on weekends

01865 901000

Other useful sources of support in your area:


Please also go on the Oxford Health website to access some helpful resources to support children and young people experiencing worries about coronavirus.


Parent advice for Keeping safe on line during the crisis

Parent helpsheet - keeping safe online