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Aloeric Primary School

Our Values

At Aloeric we believe that schools have a moral purpose and that we should encourage our pupils to become responsible citizens who contribute positively to society. In January 2019, we developed our values which underpin everything we do:


We have been working hard on embedding these values, promoting them through everything that we say and do and encouraging our children to develop them in order to prepare them for life after school. 


Health- We promote healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and healthy choices. This year we aim to improve our sporting curriculum and further develop the skills and confidence in the children to participate in a range of sports.


Happiness- We reassure our children that it is ok not to feel happy at times but to seek help when it is needed to make them feel more secure and safe. This year we are developing the role of a Children's Mental Health Champion, which will focus on supporting children as they explore their feelings and those emotions, which can often feel scary, challenging and confusing


Excellence- This year we aim to further develop a curriculum which challenges and stretches the children to ask questions, seek answers and achieve their best. We want the children to aspire more and become more, to recognise their strengths and build upon them. We want the children to have high expectations of themselves and aim for excellence across every aspect of school life. 


Attitudes- Through our Value assemblies, PSHE sessions and supportive relationships with the children we aim to foster positive attitudes which allow the children to achieve well in all areas of their lives. These attitudes include, but are not limited to, resilience, courage, independence, responsibility, forgiveness, tolerance and determination. This year we have adopted a new PSHE scheme, JIGSAW, which will help us achieve this. Our regular assemblies will allow us to explore these themes further and embed them in daily life.


Respect- Our children are already respectful of the opinions of others and the rules of society. Our developing behaviour policy will continue to embed this across the school. This year we will also offer more opportunities to ask questions of one another, challenge ideas respectfully and enter discussions and debates.


Trust- As there are many new faces to Aloeric we recognise that there needs to be a huge emphasis on developing trust this year between adults and adults, adults and children and adults and the wider community. We aim to achieve this by improving communication, by spending time listening to one another and sharing common goals and ideals. We want the children and community to know that they can rely upon us and trust us to make the school the best place it can be, to make it safe, supportive and aspirational. In return we want to trust the children to make safe and sensible choices and to always show the best versions of themselves.