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Aloeric Primary School

Enquiry led learning


We work closely with the team at 'Lighting up Learning', who provide our teachers with CPD, coaching and planning sessions to implement their Curious City curriculum approach. 


Our curriculum is closely linked to the National Curriculum, ensuring coverage and progression across the school. In addition to this, the curriculum is contextually relevant and it provides a framework for our children to be curious, ask questions and find solutions. Each enquiry starts with a question, children are then immersed in the learning and practise skills and develop their knowledge, before ending with a challenge and answering the question. We want our children to be engaged in their learning and we aim to always make the learning fun, relevant and with local links. 


Another key feature of our enquiry led learning is that, when learning, our children 'be' not 'do'. Our staff and children talk about themselves as being, for example, authors, mathematicians, geographers and engineers, rather than doing English or Maths. Please see the following guide, which explains these 'states of being' in further detail:

What are States of Being?