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Aloeric Primary School

Useful Information

Coronavirus Update


Keeping safe in school

All children and visitors are expected to use the hand sanitizers when entering and leaving the building and regularly throughout the day. Regular handwashing is being encouraged throughout the day. Large assemblies have been cancelled and there are steps being put in place to stagger lunchtimes. All inter school sporting events have been cancelled.

Home learning

If you keep your child off please continue to support their learning by accessing Purple Mash, Mathletics, Spelling Shed and Timestables Rockstars. Teachers have been asked to prepare workbooks in the event of absence or closure. In the meantime do download these resources and print off selected pages. The booklets are large so please select a few pages at a time to print.

Activity booklet for Key Stage 1 general.pdf

Activity booklet for Ks2 general.pdf


Supporting Families

These are challenging times and child absence can put a further financial strain on families. If you should want further support with food to help with meal times at home, please do not hesitate to contact the school as we can offer referrals to the local food bank. 

 Coronavirus update:  School will remain open until further notice. Please read the latest letter  sent home advising child

The children are being encouraged to wash hands and use the hand sanitizer each time on entry to the classroom and when leaving the room.  

Parents Evening on Wednesday and next week. If you would like to cancel your appointment and request a phone call consultation instead please inform the office and the class teacher will make arrangements to phone you. We will inform all parents if the decision is made to cancel all face to face appointments. All visitors will be asked to use hand sanitizers on entry and exit to the class.

The school have decided that in the best interests of all our community to cancel the Easter Church services. This is to protect our children, families and also those wardens that work in the church who support the services.

Arrangements are being put in place to stagger lunchtimes and to cancel large assemblies at the school.

If you have chosen to self isolate your child we would urge you to continue to support their learning through accessing Timestables Rockstars App  Mathletics, Purple Mash and  Spelling Shed ( all passwords have already been given to the children). Teachers have been asked to prepare learning to be sent home or posted on their class pages for children to access. 

In the meantime, whilst these additional resources are prepared please click on the resources below.  NB These are long documents and we would s