Aloeric Uniform and Presentation Guidelines


  • Only wrist watches and small studs for earrings, NO other jewellery. Especially NO MAKE-UP or rings (health & safety issue).

Shirts and Ties:

     * From September 2019 Reception children should wear white polo shirts and no tie*

  • From Year 1  :  White shirt and tie are to be worn for the Autumn and Spring terms
  • Summer Term (after Easter) red polo shirts (without ties) may be worn.

Skirts, Dresses & Trousers:

  • Grey or black skirt or pinafore with the option of red & white gingham dresses in the summer term.
  • Grey or black trousers with the option of short trousers (in grey or black) in the summer term. Girls to also have the option of smart, formal culottes in black or grey.

Red School Sweatshirt / Cardigan / Fleece:

  • Must have the school logo on.

Socks / Tights:

  • Socks can be white, black or grey. Tights can be white, black, grey or red.


  • Only sensible school shoes in black, brown or navy with ‘flat’ heels (NO trainers / sandals)
  • Proper boots (with flat heels) can be worn by girls in place of shoes, when the weather is particularly poor.

PE Kit:

  • Plimsolls, daps or trainers, plain shorts, plain T-shirts (tracksuits for colder weather).
  • NB: when your child is assigned to a house, they will need a T Shirt to match that house:
  • Aloeric – Green, Harold – Red, William – Blue.

Hair Styles:

  • In line with the high standards of dress and presentation at Aloeric Primary School, pupils are expected to have appropriate hair styles and colours. Therefore, we encourage parents to ensure that their children's hair is smart, practical and suitable for school. Coloured hair or shaved hair with razored patterns and designs is not appropriate during term time.

Uniform Stockist:

We have asked a local business in the heart of Melksham (Sportsbug) to supply all of our uniform (we will only keep smaller items such as water bottles, book bags and ties on the school premises).  The Sportsbug shop can be found on Bank Street, Melksham; they also have a website/online shopping facility at  I hope parents will find this facility both useful and convenient.


We believe that our school uniform makes the children look very smart and really gives them a work-like appearance they can be proud of. Thank you for your continued support.