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Aloeric Primary School

Rights Respecting School





“Congratulations to all the pupils and adults of Aloeric Primary School.

You are now officially recognised as a Unicef UK Silver: Rights Aware school.”

Jilly Hillier- Professional Advisor for the South West.


At Aloeric, we are a Silver Rights Respecting School; we achieved this in March 2021. This means that we are Rights Aware – children at Aloeric are able to talk about their rights and know how to promote and protect their rights in and out of school. Respect for others is at the heart of our values as a school and to have this recognised has been lovely for the children and staff at Aloeric.



If you would like to know more about RRSA and what being awarded Silver means, here are some documents about the rights we focus on and some websites that you may find interesting:

Overview of UNRC

Aloeric Focus Rights

UNCRC - Child friendly language


We want to make sure that every day, Aloeric children still remember their rights. UNICEF offer a weekly challenge which we will share on this page. 


Any work you do, it would be great to have a photo or just a brief description of your discussions with your child. Send them directly to


Thank you for your continued support.