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Aloeric Primary School

Our Vision at Aloeric

‘Making a difference.....every day!’

It is our vision at Aloeric to provide all of our children with a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn and flourish. We hope to empower them with the confidence to ask questions, seek answers and find the very best versions of themselves. We want all of our children to grow into happy, proud and responsible citizens, who make a positive impact on the World and enhance the lives of those around them.

We will achieve this by:

Providing a rich and creative curriculum which inspires and motivate

Having high expectations in behaviour and learning

Promoting sports and healthy lifestyles

Valuing each other and celebrating our uniqueness

Becoming resourceful, resilient and responsible learners

Supporting and encouraging one another to make healthy and safe choices 


This year we will work together to strive to achieve the school’s vision by designing an enquiry led curriculum and offering our children valuable experiences in and out of the classroom.

We will help our children to:

Develop their use of Writing, Maths and Language, which provide the foundation for all of their learning 

Learn social skills that encourage positive interactions between their peers as well as adults

Understand their own feelings and those of people around them

Develop high aspirations for themselves and their future

Build upon their strengths and interests and support their areas of development

Develop personal and moral values that are respectful of others, leading to their appreciation and tolerance of other religions and other ways of life

Treat everyone in a respectful equitable manner

Learn in a safe and secure environment 

Prepare for life beyond the classroom in their local, national and global community

We will achieve this together by following our 3 fundamental rules

Ready, Respectful, Safe

To find out more about our vision click on this link: 

Aloeric Parents Meeting Nov 19 Vision.pdf