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Aloeric Primary School

Year Six

Skylark Class Teacher: Miss Scott

Fox Class Teacher: Mrs Trim

Welcome to Year 6

The teachers in Year 6 are Miss Scott and Mrs Trim.  We are lucky enough to be supported by two wonderful Teaching Assistants: Mrs Grunwell and Mrs Collings.

The purpose of Year 6 is to refine the skills and learning values the children have been taught throughout their time at school. Specifically, we will be promoting independence, resilience, pride and self-organisation. These skills will well-equip the children for their transition into secondary school.

With this in mind, during Term 5, the children will take the End of Key Stage 2 tests for Maths, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar (Writing will be assessed throughout the year rather than in a final test).  This year the tests take place in the week beginning 10th May. This is a great opportunity for the children to display the skills and values mentioned above and take pride in their learning achievements.

Term 6 will see the Year 6 children rehearse and perform their annual production.  This year’s production will be announced in Term 5!

 Every year, in the summer term, the children in Year 6 take part in a 4 day residential visit which is always enjoyed by all!  This year we will be visiting Simonsbath again, where the children will enjoy a range of outdoor activities enabling them to develop independence and learn new skills.  

We are sure that the children will rise to the challenges Year 6 offers them and we look forward to supporting them along this journey!


Enquiries for 2020-21

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Term 1 How are lives saved?

Term 2 Who were the greater engineers- The Ancient Britons or Victorians?

Term 2 Why are shadows important?

Term 3 Darwin and Linnaeus- How are they connected?

Term 4 How big is your footprint?

Term 5 Where does your food really come from?

Term 6 How do we all live together?



Curriculum newsletters

Year 6 Curriculum Letter Autumn 1

Year 6 Curriculum Letter Autumn 2

Year 6 Curriculum Letter Spring 2.pdf


Blended Learning

Year 6 Blended Learning - 08.03.21

Year 6 -w.b 15.3.21 - Blended learning.pdf



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