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Year Three


Welcome to Year 3



Welcome to Year 3 Presentation 


Year 3 enquiries this year are:


Term 1

How can you feel the force? (Science- Forces and Magnets)

What is the difference between surviving and being healthy? (Science – Animals including Humans)

Term 2

Where does the darkness come from? (Science- light and dark)

Term 3

What is underneath our feet? (Geography – Rocks and Soils)

Term 4

How can we find out about people in the past? (History- chronology, sources, artefacts and historical language)

Term 5

How do plants die? (Science – Plants)

Term 6

Why did people travel in the past? (History- local beyond 1066)


We will be sending out curriculum newsletters termly so you will know what your child will be learning.

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