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WelcomtYear 2!

Year 2

Rabbit Class teacher: Miss Higby

Owl Class Teacher: Mrs Hulford

Any queries - Please email

Welcome to Year 2!

In Year 2 we aim to develop a safe, happy and enjoyable learning environment where everyone is able to thrive and make progress. We try to link as much of our learning as possible to our topics and you can read about upcoming learning in our termly curriculum newsletters and curriculum overviews


We believe that it is really important to build a team around your child and that your involvement in their learning is essential. To this end we invite you to several events during the year including ‘Stay and Make’ sessions, parents’ evenings, curriculum meetings, Christmas Nativity and so on. Please note that some events may not take part this year due to COVID-19.


We aim to enrich the children’s learning with a number of trips, visits, visitors and special events. Last year they included visiting the seaside at Clevedon and the SS Great Britain in Bristol as part of our learning about Brunel. We can't wait to let you know what exciting things we have in store for this year!


Your support of Home Learning is vital to help your child to fulfill their potential. We ask you to hear your child read and encourage them to practise their spellings daily. A grid of home-learning activities is sent home at the beginning of each term and children can bring their work to school weekly, or all together in the last week of the term.


Finally, a quick word about SATS (the Standard Assessment of seven year olds). Children do sit several written ‘papers’ during May (although these are just part of the picture, as teacher assessment is used to reach a final judgement) but we feed these into the normal classroom routine without pressure. Most children are unaware that SATS have even happened!


It really helps your child’s learning to be ready to learn each day. Help them to remember to bring their reading book, reading record and home-learning book every day, and PE kit should be in school at all times. We don’t have room for backpacks on our pegs in Year 2 so do make sure your child has a school book bag.


If you need to speak to us with questions or other issues then catch us at the end of the day, or pop into the office to leave a message or make an appointment.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs Hulford and Miss Higby


Download our 'Meet the Teacher' presentation here!

In Year 2 we aim to develop a safe, happy and enjoyable learning environment where everyone is able to thrive and make progress. We try to link as much of our learning as possible to our topics and you can read about upcoming learning in our termly curriculum newsletter and overview. This year’s exciting enquiries are:

Term 1

What is home? 

What could my classroom be made of?

Term 2

Continued... What could my classroom be made of?

How can we help?

Term 3

How are schools the same?

Term 4

How do we live a healthy life?

Term 5

How do plants grow near me?

What did Brunel do for Great Britain?

Term 6

Continued... What did Brunel do for Great Britain?

How will we get around in the future?

Curriculum newsletters

Term 1

Curriculum newsletter - Term 1 Year 2

Home learning - Term 1 Year 2

Curriculum overview - Term 1 Year 2 

Term 2

Curriculum newsletter - Term 2 Year 2

Curriculum overview - Term 2 Year 2

Term 4

Curriculum newsletter - Term 4 Year 2

Curriculum overview - Term 4 Year 2

Blended Learning

Year 2 Blended Learning - 08.03.21

Year 2 Blended Learning - 15.03.21


Support for Parents/Carers


In the summer term, all Year 1 pupils are assessed on their ability to apply their phonetic knowledge to read words. This is carried out using the Phonic Screening Check, which consists of a mixture of 40 words; some real words and some made-up words. All the words are phonetically decodable (no tricky words are included). However, due to circumstances surrounding lockdown, the children in Year 1 last year were unable to have this and will now take the Phonic Screening Check during Term 2 of Year 2. Currently, we are planning to carry out the check during the week beginning: 7th December 2020. Click below to download the Phonics Screening Check letter and some additional resources that can be used at home to support your child.

Phonics Screening Check Year 2 letter - November 2020

Phonics Screening Check - 'Alien' words

Phonics Screening Check - Practise sheet

Phase 2-5 Sound mat



Over the summer, reading books at Aloeric have had a complete overhaul to match current phonic guidance for best practice. We are currently in the process of assessing each individual child’s phonic knowledge and confidence in reading. Your child over the next few days will have their individual needs matched carefully to our newly levelled and sorted reading books. Your child could receive a colour band book or a specific phonic stage.

Phonic learning and reading in class occurs at least daily and we thank you for your patience as we match your child to their correct level. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please click here to download an explanation as to how the reading books are now allocated in KS1.



We have also included these useful glossaries which explain the vocabulary that we use in class with the children. If there is anything that you're unsure of, please do come and ask.

Year 2 Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Glossary

Year 2 Maths Glossary


The 99 Club

In Year 2, we have started to use the '99 club' to practise times tables recall. Visit our new page to read about the 99 club and to download sheets to practise at home! Click here.


Pages & Sites of Interest

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Purple Mash (children should have their own username and passwords)

Spelling Shed  (children should have their own username and passwords)

Times Table Rockstars  (children should have their own username and passwords)

ICT Games

Hit the Button

 Phonics Play

Phonics Bloom

The School Run *Please note that there are some resources on this website that are paid for. Please do not feel that you have to subscribe.