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Aloeric Primary School

Teacher Transition Videos

Please click on the links below to see a video introduction to the class teachers in September from Year 1 to Year 6. You can also download each teacher's letter to read through.

Click the blue links to download videos or letters (videos may take a while to download so please be patient)! Alternatively, just press play and watch on the website. 



Miss Swinburn

Year 1 - Squirrels

Download video: Squirrels - Miss Swinburn

Download letter: Squirrels - Miss Swinburn

Mrs Gregory

Year 1 - Hedgehogs

Download video: Hedgehogs - Mrs Gregory

Download letter: Hedgehogs - Mrs Gregory

Mrs Cooper

Year 1 - Hedgehogs

Download video: Hedgehogs - Mrs Cooper

Download letter: Hedgehogs - Mrs Cooper

Miss Higby

Year 2 - Rabbits

Download video: Rabbits - Miss Higby

Download letter: Rabbits - Miss Higby

Mrs Hulford

Year 2 - Owls

Download video: Owls - Mrs Hulford

Download letter: Owls - Mrs Hulford

Mrs Robins

Year 3 - Kingfishers

Download video: Kingfishers - Mrs Robins

Download letter: Kingfishers - Mrs Robins

Mrs Anderson

Year 3 - Woodpeckers

Download video: Woodpeckers - Mrs Anderson

Download letter: Woodpeckers - Mrs Anderson

Mrs Grainger

Year 3 - Woodpeckers

Download video: Woodpeckers - Mrs Grainger

Download letter: Woodpeckers - Mrs Grainger

Mrs Hodges

Year 4 - Badgers

Download video: Badgers - Mrs Hodges

Download letter: Badgers - Mrs Hodges

Mr Stockton

Year 4 - Dragonflies

Download video: Dragonflies - Mr Stockton

Download letter: Dragonflies - Mr Stockton

Miss Carruthers

Year 5 - Falcons

Download video: Falcons - Miss Carruthers

Download letter: Falcons - Miss Carruthers

Mr Emerson

Year 5 - Eagles

Download video: Eagles - Mr Emerson

Download letter: Eagles - Mr Emerson

Mrs Trim

Year 6 - Foxes

Download video: Foxes - Mrs Trim

Download letter: Foxes - Mrs Trim

Miss Scott

Year 6 - Skylarks

Download video: Skylarks - Miss Scott

Download letter: Skylarks - Miss Scott