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Aloeric Primary School

Teacher Transition Videos

Please click on the links below to see a video introduction to the class teachers in September from FS2 to Year 6. You can also download each teacher's letter to read through.

Click the blue links to download videos or letters (videos may take a while to download so please be patient)! Alternatively, just press play and watch on the website. 



Mrs Gregory

Reception - Ladybirds

Download video: Mrs Gregory - Ladybirds

Download letter: Mrs Gregory - Ladybirds

Mrs Edwards

Reception - Ladybirds

Download video: Mrs Edwards - Ladybirds

Download letter: Mrs Edwards - Ladybirds

Mrs Cover

Reception - Bumblebees

Download video: Mrs Cover - Bumblebees

Download letter: Mrs Cover - Bumblebees

Miss Higby

Year 1 - Hedgehogs

Download video: Miss Higby - Hedgehogs

Download letter: Miss Higby - Hedgehogs

Mrs Grainger

Year 1 - Squirrels

Download video: Mrs Grainger - Squirrels

Download letter: Mrs Grainger - Squirrels

Miss Mackenzie

Year 1 - Squirrels

Download video: Miss Mackenzie - Squirrels 

Download letter: Miss Mackenzie - Squirrels

Mrs Hulford

Year 2 - Owls

Download video: Owls - Mrs Hulford

Download letter: Owls - Mrs Hulford

Video coming soon!

Miss Orner

Year 2 - Rabbits

Download video: COMING SOON

Download letter: Rabbits - Miss Orner

Mrs Robins

Year 3 - Kingfishers

Download video: Mrs Robins - Kingfishers

Download letter: Mrs Robins - Kingfishers

Mrs Carpenter

Year 3 - Woodpeckers

Download video: Mrs Carpenter - Woodpeckers

Download letter: Mrs Carpenter - Woodpeckers

Mrs Hodges

Year 4 - Badgers

Download video: Mrs Hodges - Badgers

Download letter: Mrs Hodges - Badgers

Mr Stockton

Year 4 - Dragonflies

Download video: Mr Stockton - Dragonflies

Download letter: Mr Stockton - Dragonflies

Miss Carruthers

Year 5 - Falcons

Download video: Miss Carruthers - Falcons

Download letter: Miss Carruthers - Falcons

Video coming soon!

Miss King

Year 5 - Eagles

Download video: COMING SOON

Download letter: Miss King - Eagles

Miss Scott

Year 6 - Skylarks

Download video: Miss Scott - Skylarks

Download letter: Miss Scott - Skylarks

Mr Emerson

Year 6 - Foxes

Download video: Mr Emerson - Foxes

Download letter: Mr Emerson - Foxes